"Meeting this transient world, with clear intentions to
elevate, empower, learn & educate. And doing so with grace
and enthusiasm, a supernatural serenity. If you’ll allow me,
I’ll accompany you on this journey … "

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Hanae is a change activator, serial entrepreneur, strategic consultant, author, speaker and board advisor. She has launched edtech ventures and initiatives to empower vulnerable youth with tech skills, promoting gender equity. She also developed strong ties with the African startup ecosystems and worked as a policy advisor to African governments.

Throughout her career, Hanae Bezad has developed a fluency across borders and sectors with an understanding of how different sectors (governments and international development institutions, civil society, business, and finance) impact systems-change, both locally and globally. Her areas of interest and expertise are at the intersection of innovation, technology, sustainability, inclusion, entrepreneurship and international development.

Building on decades of experience in Europe, Africa and America, Hanae works closely with rising entrepreneurs, cultural innovators, impact investors and philanthropists, making an impact in various industries, all while seeking the highest levels of integrity.

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Collaboration & activation

Ecosystem building & community bridging

Hanae connects communities of innovators, creatives, change leaders, philanthropists and impact investors across North America, South America, Europe and Africa.

Hanae is a member of Nexus, a fellow of the Harambeans African entrepreneurs Alliance, a fellow of the Responsible Leadership Network of the BMW Foundation and a fellow of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders and Ambassador for Africa and resident and ambassador of the House of Beautiful Business, and a resident of Experience House.

Coaching, facilitation & mentorship

Hanae facilitates workshops and learning experiences, using coaching, action learning (certified by the Action Learning Centre, July 2022), collective intelligence and collaboration tools, with a creative and people-first approach.


Hanae Bezad was invited at a dozen international conferences as a keynote speaker, panelist or moderator to share the state of play of tech and cultural entrepreneurship in Africa and female participation in systemic change, among which Demo Africa in October 2018, House of Beautiful Business in October 2019, AU-EU Meetup in July 2020, AU-EU Youth Cooperation Hub in July 2020, Make-IT Africa in September 2020, AEDIHB Congress in October 2020, EBN Congress in November 2020, Emerging Valley in May 2021, IEEE in September 2021, MTL Connecte in October 2021, Forum des Jeunes Leaders d’Essaouira in June 2022.


Hanae Bezad is a poet, novelist and essayist.

She is the author of Nomadic eyes, Sporadic heart, a self-published collection of poetry about the experience of travel, diaspora, love, loss, motherhood and femininity. She also led published L’Abécédaire d’une vie Moderne, and La Firme des animaux 4.0, an illustrated short-novel depicting the tribulations of a Parisian working girl navigating the corporate world, and seeking her way out from its dehumanizing games.

Consulting & project management

Hanae started her career as a business, digital and strategy consultant in Paris. She is now the founder of Beehane LLC, an advisory firm for global businesses and investment groups looking at doing business ethically in Africa and the SWANA region and access to hard-to-reach customer segments, and investment opportunities.

Hanae is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMI 2021).

"Hanae is a multi-disciplinary system change activator,
who works with creatives, entrepreneurs, governments and
international development institutions, civil society,
business, and finance."

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