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"Spotted by Voice of America, The Arab Weekly and Femmes du Maroc and in many other media."

I’m honored and humbled to be honored for my efforts and achievements as an Inspiring Arab African Women Leader by many awards.

Under the theme “Inspiring, Influential, and Committed Women”, Brand Factory held a ceremony to celebrate women’s contributions to Moroccan society and economy as well as the country’s New Development Model. I was honored together with 6 women with exemplary careers .  Read more 

I was nominated entrepreneur of the year 2020 in the 8th edition of Digital Women’s Day Europe (Maison de la Radio, Paris) out of the 340 applications received from women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from Europe and Africa. Read more

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Yabiladi - BI Influence Award

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, Yabiladi honored inspiring and influential women in the digital age. I have the honor of receiving the Inspiring Woman Trophy 2022.  Read more

Policy Center for the New South

I had the pleasure to be highlighted in the spirit of intergenerational dialogue that lies at the heart of the Policy Center for the New South as a Moroccan “impact tech” entrepreneur.  Read more

Impactful Emerging Leaders of the Wider Atlantic

As an ADEL Alumna I was gratified to contribute in writing pieces on building an Atlantic community for the Policy Center for the New South.  Read more

"I have been featured in various magazines over the recent
years, alongside incredible leaders, entrepreneurs and
change makers"

Magazines & Journals

  • Challenge Magazine
  • Le point Afrique
  • The Arab Weekly
  • Femmes du Maroc
  • Aujourd’hui le Maroc
  • Elles changent le monde Book

Integrity, Lessons from the Beginning

The story of BIWOC increasing influence and rise as the world’s next source of leadership


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“I’ve had the pleasure to co-host a VOA show with my dear friend, Jackson Muneza M’vunganyi, inviting the one and only Chidiogo Akunyili, another exceptional friend who inspires me greatly!

Chidiogo is a powerhouse of a woman, an immensely gifted woman! Last year, she gave birth to a beautiful daughter, and to a book that touched me so deeply on so many levels. I am because we are- An African Mother’s Fight for the Soul of a Nation.”

“I had the immense pleasure to hold a conversation with Mr Mustafa Akyol, author of the book Reopening Muslim Minds that I received for Christmas.

I hope you find the conversation as inspiring as I found it”

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